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Creative Internships +Travel + Art + Adventures in UNESCO Antigua & Guatemala

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Come Visit us in Antigua - UNESCO Heritage Site

Whether a brief visit or a prolonged stay with studio & office use & workshops, we are here to assist in explaining your choices & helping with arrangements. YOU design your experience. Request what you need & we assist in delivering what you want.

Live your passion, whatever it may be. Become it with enthusiasm, kindness, and integrity. Let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you. AND, "what if" it might helped you become HAPPIER? What if you could live a life of purpose, meaning, and adventure? A life that is deliberate and intentional. Are you willing to take few risks and try new things? If so, consider tasting Creative Minimalism. Visit us and learn a few Minimalism recipes as you experience how it feels and how it might influence your future choices.


Why Antigua? It's a secret. Some try to scare you away. Don't be fooled. When you arrive you will know it's safe & very special here.


Antigua Guatemala is located in the highlands, situated in the heart of Central America, and is among the world's best preserved colonial cities. This charming and historic city makes you feel as though you have stepped back in time 300 years, from its colonial architecture to its beautiful surroundings; strolling through this colorful town on the ancient cobblestone streets, you will experience the splendors of the past in a mild year-round climate 


Antigua blends the ancient Mayan and traditional Latin cultures, with moderate European and North American influence - combined with steady tourism and a moderate expat community, Antigua has become one of the most diverse and popular cities in Central America for decades. Inhabited over a period of 1,500 years by a succession of peoples – Olmecs, Zapotecs, Mixtecs and Mayans–  terraces, dams, canals, pyramids and artificial mounds were literally carved out of the mountains and are the symbols of a sacred topography. The city of Antigua, which is built on a grid pattern, with stone paved streets is a great example of Spanish colonial town planning. The solidity and volume of the city's buildings feature multiple architectural gems.


  • This world heritage colonial city is a unique source of inspiration & village life rarely found in the world. 

  • A cultural Capital of Guatemala where world travelers explore their passions while eating amazing food at incredible prices. So many secrets to discover.

  • Antigua has a cultural life as rich as other international cultural centers at less than half the price. Every day you'll find an exhibit, a concert, a festival or a market to attend!

  • A place with handmade textiles, ceramics, cloth embroidery & other crafts for you to discover + attend workshops, classes & events. Meet new friends.

  • In a beautiful mountain valley where you can spend days to months in magical towns above the clouds where the temperature & humidity is perfect all year & the food is grown locally & often prepared by international chefs.

  • Pristine, inexpensive & away from crowded international tourism spots. Insider connections guide you to the unique experiences that best perks your interests.

  • Arrange excursions to the nearby markets, villages, mountains, farms, beaches, lakes, historic sites, night life, etc... Explore the mesmerizing plazas, cathedrals, sensory-streets, natural sites, spas, organic farms, etc... We will explain your choices. First consult is free & fees are generous.


Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

A Fusion of History and Mayan-Latin Cultures

Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was founded in the early part of the 16th century; built 1,500m above sea-level. Principal monuments are still preserved as ruins. In less than three centuries the city, which was built on a grid pattern inspired by the Italian Renaissance, acquired numerous superb buildings and cobblestone streets with colonial walled gardens are still a dynamic feature of this Colonial town.

Antigua Guatemala offers something for all travelers, rich in colonial history with an abundance of cultural activities. Enjoy the diverse Mayan and Latin cultures, hike Volcanos Agua, Acatenango, Fuego or nearby Pacaya - maybe take a day-trip to Monterrico, a black sand beach on the Pacific Ocean. Antigua is the perfect base for trips to Lago Atitlan ("most beautiful lake in the world") or the Coban Ruins with nearby Semuc Champey, one of the most interesting geological formations anywhere; at Tikal National Park, located in a rainforest. Explore ruins of a Mayan civilization in a city inhabited from the 6th century B.C. to the 10th century A.D. 

Visitors find many choices from bar hopping and hiking to volunteering with NGO's building houses and improving the lives of others through education, farming, etc. Antigua is also a popular destination for students to learn Spanish, with a numerous Spanish Schools offering various levels of instruction. It is also a popular location with many expats who work online or are retired. You will find them living in beautiful gardens with mountain views behind the city walls that line the cobblestone streets. Often paying only a quarter of what one would pay at home. 

The city of Antigua in a small valley is occupied by primarily Mayan Indians who still were their traditional hand woven clothing. It is an example of sixteenth XVI century colonial city and of town planning given that it retains its trace in the form of checkerboard with square blocks and portals on all four sides of the square. The center of the city remains the center of economic, political, social, religious and cultural activities that give dynamism to the city. It retains its iconic architecture and the buildings representative of a cultural tradition of more than four centuries of art and history. CONTACT to learn more:  

"On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: Either you will reach a point higher today. Or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow."  Friedrich Nietzsche

Antigua's beautiful mountains, countryside and little-developed Pacific coast are home to several relaxed beach and lake destinations, and a near-empty shoreline strung with long golden and black sand beaches and lagoons full of wildlife. Dolphins and whales, plus diving, snorkeling, sport fishing and some of North America's best surfing swells. In this area, the pace is never too hectic, the atmosphere is relaxed and the people are welcoming. Everywhere the scenery is green and spectacular and you're in direct touch with the elements wherever you go. From the half-hidden sandy beaches to the crashing surf to the forest-clad, river-threaded mountains rising just inland, treasures abound. No need to pack too many clothes! The mountain locations of Antigua and Lake Atitlan makes them cooler than the surrounding regions with less humidity and heat. It can even get cool enough for a sweater and sitting by the fire in the evening. Few places in the world maintain this idyllic climate.
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