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Career Fields offering International Internships & Residencies in diverse sectors:

AJ Studio 2012

OPEN NOW!   Covid precaution adaptations

To truly discover and experience a full life and great art and adventure you must travel and see it for yourself. With this international internship/apprenticeship/residency, you have the opportunity to live in a fantastic UNESCO Heritage site full of Art, Architecture and Nature, offering incredible experiences, all while gaining valuable work experience. Expanding your portfolio and resume. This can be in a wide variety of positions with many different tasks. Experiencing and understanding your career in a global context is essential for long-term success. Plus when learning to think about regenerative principles and apply them to your career you can contribute to the evolution of humanity.

This experience can help you decide what you love doing and if you want to work for someone or create your own business.  You’ll get your foot in the door, figure out what you’re good at and start building your network and skills. Creative and motivated people who take risks often find their niche in the world. Regenerative problem-solvers at heart, they come up with ideas and find money to make their ideas reality. Presentation of ideas, business operations and diverse roles are important in your career development, so give yourself the chance to jump in and tackle things on your own and refine your skills and build your resume. Be prepared for "What's Next".


  • Application process: Send us an email describing your interests and what you seek in professional support. Include examples of your previous work if you have.  You will be offered a phone interview. 

  • Acceptance and enrollment: involves discussing your goals, you will then be offered a place on our program that meets your interests. You will secure your position by paying the program deposit and agreeing to a customized schedule. which we develop with you ($100)

  • Internship preparation and career development: As soon as you enroll, you will start receiving professional development content  and information to prepare you for the program you choose.

  • Internship/Apprenticeship/Residency/Research and/or career development: When you accept the schedule that you desire, we will confirm your start date and timetable as well as what tasks you will be working on. We will support you throughout your internship. You can select your lodging arrangements from the choices available and your budget.

  • Once you complete our program you will be part of our global community with a certificate when one month or more. We will continue to offer you support and professional advice on a consulting bases when you wish.

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Express Your Creativity & Travel - JUST DO IT - with all your heart in all your favorite colors and flavors; sing, draw, dance, write, dine, make, doodle, paint, build, look, learn, be still, sparkle, laugh, LIVE! (scroll down for remote internships available now)

Join us at Antigua Studio Gallery Collective (Traveling with Multi Disciplinary Creative Explorers) is an art & architecture collective.

  • Works straddle between the spheres of art, invention, engineering, regenerative design, making, installations, excursions and events... blending art, food, travel, building, music and conversation into immersive experiences. Adopting unique approaches to experiential learning. Drawing on the distinctive resources of vernacular to classical aesthetics from varied cultures with continuous curiosity and innovative skill building.

  • Viewpoints from many disciplines and people allows this collective to bridge rich experiences and events and make them accessible to you in ways quite difficult to find in typical educational, travel, and career experiences. Learn to apply your passions to make work feel like play everyday.

  • Opportunities to witness expanding narratives, evolving ideas, developing solutions and spontaneous reflective awareness. Presented to inspire your own creative works and enhance the quality of your results. Explore your creativity your way... And have fun doing it.

Review from Intern:  James Mulligan, Bennington College Architecture Student

I worked with Jude and AJ in Antigua for three months in 2020 and it completely changed my outlook on life. The vibrancy in every building, face and plant of Guatemala brought a profound joy to my heart. Each day I was presented a new adventure to enjoy and a new challenge to overcome.

I find that the vast majority of people in the United States are raised to think there is this cookie cutter career structure that we are all supposed to fit into and it will bring us happiness. However, as most people eventually find out, that's not the case. So many people despise what they are doing on a daily basis and tend to feel like they have wasted their life when they look back on it.


Not these two, the life and work they have created in Antigua brings joy to them and those around them. I have traveled the world from India to New Zealand and back and I can full-heartedly say what these two have created is unique and inspiring. My experiences there have opened my eyes to all the possibilities outside of the United States and beyond the 9 to 5 job. If you are interested at all by entrepreneurship, artistry, portable income or even just in expanding your horizons I strongly encourage you to pursue this opportunity! It has forever changed my life for the better! I will continue to return.

Whether you consider yourself "creative" or just seeking fun and local connection, you are welcome.

Contact us to determine if we can support your efforts & interests -

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Our Commitment : We are deeply committed to wholesome regenerative living and transparency in everything we do. We feel it is time to challenge the status quo and reinvent our present and future. Learn about what we do, how we do it, how we can support you and why we think the results of these efforts are exceptional. The inspiration for living this way is simple: lowering our carbon footprint and connections to Nature by trying to create with integrity in our purest expressions. Trying to being responsible to our present and future in ways that are self-contained, self-sustaining, regenerative and creatively follows the cycles of Nature.

About Andrew (AJ) Landon & his team of Makers & Mentors headquartered in Antigua

AJ and his team offers opportunities in Antigua to CONNECT & SHARE creative viewpoints through interactions between local and international artists, builders, faarmrs and other multi-focused and multi-media creatives. 


Planned and spontaneous CONNECT & SHARE experiences are presented to alter and open our viewpoints through Art & Architecture, Farming & Travel while we connect to other international creatives from around the world & explore more resilient solutions.

Landon, a mixed media artist / designer / maker is the founding member of this collaborative team of makers, designers and artists. Participants come to do what they want, including design, build and sell custom artworks, furniture, products, projects and environments using natural, found, salvaged and mixed media materials. Or just chill & explore with creative folks with local insider connections. Visitors bring their own ideas and work to pursue their own passions. ALL WELCOME.


AJ has a background with all types of art making and sustainable construction in varied media including wood, earth, concrete and metal work. A mixed media artist, designer and builder who integrates found objects, patina techniques, travel and life experiences to make art, furniture and buildings with gallery exhibitions and architecture in US, Guatemala and abroad.

Had studios in Brooklyn, Santiago, California, Barcelona, Aix-en-Provence, Washington, DC. And, now Antigua, Guatemala.



Contact us for availability at Artists.viaGaleria@gmail to lodgings in central Antigua including rooms with studios and gardens.





Contact us by email at to customize you stay with us.

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