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 Wayne Britton


Born in Australia in 1957 Wayne grew up in a photography and movies background. His father was in the film business for Ajax films until 1970 when the family moved to the UK. He has always had a keen interest in photography way back in the 80s he was developing black and white images himself and this interest has filtered through to present day manipulating his shots from his Digital SLR in Lightroom and Photoshop. He has also done many drawings and sketches which he also likes to do in his spare time which are of various landscapes in the world.


1. How have your life experiences influenced your art? My father was a professional cameraman which spiked my interest in photography and drawing. Having travelled from Australia to the UK and being classed as disabled by most due to HSP (a walking condition) you think they put you into a box but I never think of myself that and never let it limit what I do I have abseiled and rock climbed, hiked etc and so i express the beauty I see through my drawings.

2. Are there questions you ask yourself when you draw? I draw from photos of places I have been to rather than from the live view. I consider light, shade and colours and how they work together in the overall picture when coloring them and yet add my own contrasts to make them my own


3. How does your painting make you feel? drawing focusing, expressive and relaxing. I don't draw very often but when i do i show memories that i treasure


4. What other hobbies and passions beside art inspire you?  I have a keen interest in computers and have built my own over the years as well as always had my own SLR camera's. in the 80s i developed my own photos and later on when it all went digital and up to today I manipulate my own images in Photoshop and Lightroom.

5. Do you have a manifesto you live by? I think you should make the most out of life I enjoy spending time with close friends and family.


6. What are the questions you ask about life?  The sort of questions I used to ask myself to do with origins and reasons for being, I found answers to in my personal faith.


7. Why do you draw?  I draw from time to time to express myself and the end result of drawing places I have visited

and express my appreciation of their beauty

Wayne's originals canvases are typically about 11x 17" and cost typically $150

Museum quality copies on canvas or paper are $50 delivered.

As many Originals are sold only copies available. Contact

Wayne's Photography Coming Soon......

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