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Lynda Britton



Lynda Britton is a Landscape Painter living in Wales. She works predominately in in oils on canvas.

Her work showcases her North Country towns and landscapes through paintings, sketches, photography and mixed media works. In addition to her artist recognition and collector following, Lynda enjoyed a career in the government civil service sector before moving to Wales to enjoy the beauty of the local landscape in Nature with her family. Now, she has more freedom to commit more of his attention toward her creative works and her garden. Lynda shared her view on how art has enhanced her life. Here is her interview:


1. How have your life experiences influenced your art? My parents were both artistic. My mother won a prize at school for her art. My father went to Art College and later joined an oil painting class. His interest in painting oils inspired me to try painting my own, which I did for a time in the 90s. I decided to take oil painting up again in 2017, painting places I had visited, but also my own compositions.


2. Are there questions you ask yourself when you paint? The sort of things I consider are subject, composition, light, shade and colours and how they work together in the overall picture.


3. How does your painting make you feel? I find painting pleasurable and relaxing. At a time in my life when things became very stressful, art became an outlet and a way of cutting myself off from it.


4. What other hobbies and passions beside art inspire you? I have always had a keen interest in history and enjoy visiting historical sites. I also enjoy genealogy.


5. Do you have a manifesto you live by? I believe in enjoying life and living life to the full, whenever possible. I enjoy spending time with close friends and family.


6. What are the questions you ask about life?  The sort of questions I used to ask myself to do with origins and reasons for being, I found answers to in my personal faith.


7. Why do you paint?  I love oil painting. I enjoy seeing how each one develops as I go along. It is a great way of expressing myself. Painting is a relaxing and absorbing pastime; I like to share what I enjoy with others. I like to create scenes that inspire nostalgia, particularly those done in the Northern Art (Lowry style) that is popular in the UK.

Lynda's originals canvases are typically about 11x 17" and cost typically $150

Museum quality copies on canvas or paper are $50 delivered.

Many originals are sold so only copies available. Contact

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