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Caroline Brink,  Illustrator, Curator & Digital Artist.


Caroline Brink is a photoshop enthusiast and artist  North American expat living in Antiqua, Guatemala. She's has liberal views, likes to be fashionable. Says she finds the feeling of being creative to be self healing and a major part of resetting her personal drive by expressing her emotions through her art and bringing a feeling of her expressiveness through her work. Caroline love's the golden section, cats and animals. She also works in the virtual world of second life curating her own gallery and incorporates mixed media works.

What would you say to fellow creators out there looking market their artwork?

I would say having a virtual gallery is key! Try starting a new life on the other side of the world, relocating settling in and a few months later you are in the middle of a pandemic. Keeping an online presence really kept me afloat and got my work seen. Especially on Instagram. Thank you Antigua Studio Gallery! 

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