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CLICK on each Artist, Photographer, Woodworker, Writer's... name to view their individual works in drop down menu under 'Gallery Artists' above.

Andrew Landon - Mixed Media Artist - Designer

Jude Steele - Architect - Designer - Painter  in collaborations with other artists & makers

MaxAna  Lohden - Jeweler - Photographer:

Darren Britton - Photographer - Mixed Media Artist

Wayne Britton Landscape Drawer- Photographer

Lynda Britton- Landscape Painter - 

Trudy Scafe - Illustrator, Mixed Media Artist

Tom Wheeler - Artist, Grower

Caroline Pink - Digital Artist

Sandy  MacNeil - Photographer - Mixed Media Artist: 

Come visit our studios and Antigua, Guatemala. A UNESCO Spanish Colonial town in the mountains. Spring everyday. Contact:
AJ Landon Solo Show
Art Class
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ALSO, See custom made to order furniture offered by our maker team - Contact us to have what you want made locally by Antigua artisans: 


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