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Darren Britton is a British Photographer / Mixed Media Artist born in 1987. He works predominately in Antigua, Guatemala and the UK, where he also lives when not traveling.


His work showcases his global travels through his photographs, sketches and mixed media works. In addition to international recognition for his fine creative works, Darren has enjoyed a career in the financial sector before choosing "Creative Minimalism" as his lifestyle choice. Now, having more freedom to travel and commit all of his attention toward his creative works.

In 2010, Darren began focusing his artistic attention on his photos, stretches and models of the landscapes and people in England, Spain, Malta, Australia and his other travels. Since then, using  cameras, computers and his drawings, his commitment is to document his viewpoint on the "Meanings of Place".


With his black and white and color works, he reflects how our environments and we humans see and feel. What inspires us? How do our life's experiences change us?. Darren Britton explores his guiding artistic mantra:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ― Marcel Proust

Darren Britton's photos and gyclees are available typically for $99 including shipping up to size 11"x16". Larger images available (up to 30"x 24"at your request. Available on gloss & matte photo paper and canvas.

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