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Join our Regenerative Collective - Share your art, ideas, plans & other creative works for FREE to apply for custom workshops. internship, residency and apprenticeship opportunities customized to your interests. Submission samples of your works encouraged but not required to better understand what you seek. Write us an email about you, your interests and we can discuss possibilities. Art, Photography, Video, Writing, Architecture, Farming, Construction, Furniture, Research, Spanish lessons, anything FUN & CREATIVE...


ONSITE INTERNSHIPS IN ANTIGUA, GT in English and Spanish START AT $300 for 1 week / $800 to $1200 for 1 month - Depends on lodging choices. Email us with more information on what custom experiences and training and skills that you seek.




*Whether you consider yourself "creative" or just seeking fun and local connection, you are welcome.

Interns have a 50% better chance of landing a job after completing a professional internship.

Arts & Architecture & Sustainable Living Residency & Internship Offerings & Costs

The total cost of a visiting varies greatly depending on which offerings you select. For example, when you come for a month... your basic needs will require lodging, studio or workspace, and meals. Fortunately, costs are less in Antigua. The longer you stay the less overall cost. Weekly BQ included with all participants. Custom travel opportunities.


Lodging & Studio rates:

  • $70 daily (depends on lodging selection, instruction time & supplies if only 2 days), Typically $410 for a  week, $1400 USD for a month of classes and lodging in  Antigua. $500 for lodging outside, yet near Antigua. Depends on your choices. Typically includes shared studios, at least 4 private workshop sessions, WIFI access and lodgingss of your choice, basic to luxury, Talk to us about what you want. Many choices available. Short term and monthly Lodging is on and off site, yet nearby & ranges from $400 to $1400 monthly. 

  • Contact us at to book space & planned excursions. All are welcome. When you only seek studio use, workshop and event access fees arranged separately.

  • On short in-house visits the fee is $140 USD for 2 nights (minimum stay):  single or double occupancy + $10 daily per Children & Pets + includes free wifi, bathroom and space access where people gather, create and connect. When we are fully booked or you seek just day time &/or event access contact us & we can explain specific offerings to attend workshops and events onsite without lodgings..

Typical Food Rates:                                                    

  • $30 USD per person for special art & fireside dinners & BQ events + alcohol is extra

  • Restaurants & bars & stores nearby to purchase any of your meals, as you wish - $5 to $20

  • Special access to purchases of local artisan beers & food, etc.

  • All ages over 18 yrs welcome. Unless arranged ahead of time, like children or pets.

Transportation Rates not included: 4 hour flight from LAX & 2.5 our flight from Houston

  • $30 hourly from Guatemala City airport to Antigua via taxi or shuttle.

  • Airport about 45 minutes away

  • $5 to $7 to for local taxi in town

  • $2 via "chicken" bus

  • $45+ for private transport to your desired destinations with driver

  • Ubers available

Private art & language instruction, tour & spa rates (optional):


  • $25 hourly for private and $15 shared arts/design/fabrication classes, etc.

  • $40 to $80 spa treatments- Swedish & deep tissue massage, nails, hair, sauna...

  • $15- $25 hourly for Custom tours to local spots & nightlife

  • $75 to $100 for day trip horseback riding in mountains with picnic.

  • $25+ for private transport to your desired destinations, including natural lakes, beaches, hot springs, ruins, etc


Food can be purchase at nearby markets & shops, or you may eat at the many restaurants and cafes nearby.  Kitchens also on premises. Meals average about $10- $25 USD in local restaurants depending on selections. There are many colorful local markets where meals are as low as $3. +Arts, pottery, sculpture, silk screening, etc. Art supplies are available locally. Consult with us in advance to discuss what you will require and whether you plan to bring these or purchase in Antigua.


When you plan to apply for grants from a patron or institution back home for your professional development contact us and request an invitation from us on the dates you want to attend in advance. We will then send you a formal invitation and an estimate of all your costs so you may find the funds you require. You may pay for your costs yourself or find assistance from other sources so you may participate in these expanding experiences.

Length of time

How much time do you need? A quick visit (when available) or a longer stretch of time to work on your novel or research, start a new direction in your work, or make your art exploring different techniques? A short residency to finish editing, sketch some ideas, move to the next phase of a project, or find longer term lodgings in Antigua? We are flexible and supportive.


Do you need a two-week break while still maintaining your home, job and family, or a three-month change of scenery? This residency's first phase can last up to one month and then you can request longer studio time onsite & we can also assist you in finding other places nearby including apartments, hotels, hostels, etc.


Consider different phases of work that could be accomplished in different spans of time, too—a weekend, a week or more may be all the time you need to paint a new series, sketch new ideas or simple relax and enjoy the creative environment. We let you choose how much time you need; 2 days, 1 week or 1 month +...


The residencies include:

  • A private or shared room with private or shared bath. Depends on your preference and budget.

  • Access to your private or shared studio and common space areas supplied with internet.

  • Communal meals are offered once weekly to connect with other participants. Coffee/tea/cold beverages, local beer and snacks are available on site for fees.  Steps away from over 100 restaurants in this town. Ask questions by contacting us by email and then you may schedule a phone conversation, when you wish.

We accept reservations year-round - based on availability. No portfolio submissions required, yet you may send when you wish. Travelers just passing through to longer term guests are welcome. 


You may share your room with your family or friend(s) when arrangements are made in advance. Contact us for custom support.  18 years and older unless we are contacted first about children and pets. 

Contact us anytime.


Explore the inspiring sites of Antigua, Guatemala 

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