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Create as you explore around Guatemala

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Who wouldn't want to spend time in the this alluring place, a rewarding location both when it comes to art making, gastronomy, dynamic scenery and good company?

Landon's open-ended residency program fits his unstructured, art making mission. For artists looking to experiment and pushing their boundaries, his team offers a location to experiment with whatever has meaning and interest for you.

Offering a supportive environment for cultivating artistic community and social engagement. Open to the neighboring community and to visiting artists alike, the programs are a platform for a variety of uses, including lectures, performances, and, most intriguingly, art making, food exploration, architectural experiments. Anyone who wants to can make what they wish—the only requirement is that it is presented to the collective in some form. While not technically a residency in the traditional sense, the experience definitely offers an indication of how the residency model can be transported outside of the art world's traditional and often restricted norms of art making and exploring the creative process.

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