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What’s Happening in Antigua? Why are so many artists & creatives attracted?Find out for yourself...

Antigua, Guatemala is the new home of our studio collective after years of creative excursions and creative laboratories around the world. Program offerings are primarily in and around Antigua and can also include excursions to Belize, Mexico, Chile, USA, EU and other locations as participating international creatives develop new projects.

Are you a person who senses you have a higher potential on a personal and global scale that isn't yet as realized and present as what you feel within you?

If this resonates, you're not alone. Creatives all around the world are feeling this, and many are changing old paradigms. Letting their vibrance flow through and stepping past patterns of only self interest and competitive based systems. Finding opportunities beyond established organizations, and the “who you know” networks to CONNECT & THRIVE with other creatives open to developing more resilient possibilities.

“By coming together COLLECTIVELY in collaboration and cooperation revolutionary changes occur. Barriers and boundaries imposed by outdated systems are removed.”

Now this collective is attracted to Antigua as our hub of operations after eight years exploring & making projects in primarily Chile, Mexico & US. Let's go & see what happens next!

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