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Feel the Power of Your Creativity

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Dance in the Flow of Creation: explore create ideas & international connections

Bilingual Mixed Media Artist • Designer & Maker Andrew Landon’s and his team Invitation to You:

“Come for a while, create your own works in our Studios, Galleries and Lodgings. Built to connect and share with global travelers interested in focusing on their creative works while living Artfully, Consuming LESS, yet having MORE, and finding FUN Collectively!”

CREATIVES have always been the PIONEERS who can build equal and dynamic access to evolutionary change through their creative works. Building grass roots MUTUAL SUPPORT can accelerate our process and shift us from ego to essence. You can experience how you and others are stepping past all imposed limits.

Here at this Art Studio Collective we try to share and create more AWARENESS about what is possible. We share our stories, creative works, ideas and lives while discussing what works and what may not be the best use of our time and resources. Searching for the more harmony, beauty, simplicity and resilience. Including how our creative works might create our better future.

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