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Top Spot for Artists & Creatives: Antigua

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

This is your time and place to more deeply define what is most important to you. Come and join this community which offers an inspiring opportunity for you to come and contemplate, plan and apply your gifts and what you learn here to our current global conditions and challenges. Developing creative individual and collaboration projects that build a better multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual interactive global community. Join people interested in evolving humanity together while reducing carbon footprints, improving health and wellbeing. Let’s creatively grow our Earth’s Resilient Life qualities.

Offering private and public creating spaces, events and excursions meant to inspire your freedom to connect with your inner muse, make your creative works and share with others.

Make your art and creative works, research, tend plants, enjoy local organic feasts and festivals together, and connect with others while listening to music, singing, dancing and meeting international travelers by the fire in the moonlit courtyard and beyond. And/or isolate yourself in your room and studio to find the quite sanctuary you require to review, discover and develop whatever is calling you next.

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