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A Place to Create & Meet New Friends

Are You an Emerging to Mature Artist Looking to Raise Your Game?

Past programs boasts several creatives in residence each year, where they get access to live/work studios in varied sizes, with access to a internet, wood shop and local amenities.

Features: Exploring the Art of Creating Resilience…

An ongoing “Art Studio Collective” laboratory experiment with studios, offices, lodgings, salon events and exhibitions to access your own unique CREATIVE SOURCE and connect through international collaboration.

Whether artist, scientist, designer, farmer, architect, film maker, builder, planner, writer, student, teacher or academic, technical to business focused person, you’re invited to visit our antique colonial village community with studios, gardens and varied choices of housing. Full of international travelers creating, connecting and having fun in Oaxaca, Mexico.

COME and EXPERIENCE this beautiful place which simply offers grassroots connections to an international collection of people sharing resilient, transitional, and transformative information and collaboration in a creative laboratory.

For more details including costs go to Studio/Lodgings page on website

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