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Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Private studios, labs and offices , for any kind of discipline

Do you have an idea in mind and need time and focus to develop your works? We offer a time and place to create.

Plastic arts • music • crafts • design • architecture • food making • solutions • film making • resilience • photography • writing • anything creative!

Art Studio Collective

Dance in the Flow of Creation: explore create ideas & international connections

Bilingual Mixed Media Artist • Designer & Maker Andrew Landon’s Invitation to You:

“Come for a while, create your own works in our Studios, Galleries and Lodgings. Built to connect and share with global travelers interested in focusing on their creative works while living Artfully, Consuming LESS, yet having MORE, and finding FUN Collectively!”


Accelerating our emerging resilient cultural potentials by offering our Art Studio Collective space. Growing a network of curious international multi-disciplinary artists, writers, visionaries, problem solvers, and evolutionary activists. Creative global citizens committed to improving Earth’s conditions and cultures through our creativity and imagination.

Expanding methods of relating authentically as humans while developing creative and collaborative ways of planning and building COLLECTIVE RESILIENCE in our communities.

Sharing this energetically focused CREATIVE MAKING PLACE with you and the international community so we can ALL connect more and share our discoveries with others.

Stepping out of our complex and limited environments, egos, problems, and systems to humbly and creatively develop experiences and solutions in these studios & creative laboratories in collaboration with other multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural points of view.

Opportunities: Create Your More Resilient and Connected Life in the company of others who seek the same. Become a global citizen with friends from around the world exploring and producing creative resilience collectively.


Whatever your focus or discipline, you are welcome to visit our multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual creative community. Schedule a time to stay at “Art Studio Collective” & “We Space Labs” headquarters in Antigua, Guatemala. A beautiful international heritage colonial city full of culture and close to beaches, pyramids, farms, art/artisan towns, mountains, nature, spas, etc.

Stay for a day, a week, a month, or longer at reasonable rates for basic hostel to eco-luxury suite choices. Experiment and expand your methods of applying your ideas and creative works in both individual and collaborative settings, as you wish. Offering Lodgings and studio and office spaces with internet connections are available to use as you choose with opportunities to visit local satellite communities, exhibitions, events and excursions in Oaxaca, the USA, Chile, EU and Belize. Connect and grow through our journey together. Can also access resources, events, and information online.

Go to Studio/Lodgings page for details & costs.

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