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INTERNSHIPS: Learn How to Work, Create & Travel doing What You Love

Add new skills, make more & live on less, at home, when traveling & doing what you LOVE.

Learn how to Create Your Portable Income


Antigua Studio Gallery



Experiential Internships are growing our educational and career options-

LET’S MAKE this pandemic create a positive impact on all of us and how we advance our skill levels and careers. Yes, most of us, at the moment, are in our rooms without much. Maybe with still enough food, shelter and internet, if we’re lucky. Or, we’re forced to take the risks and return to work. Many don’t have the resources to make our jobs or life work as well as we'd like, at this moment.

AND YET, this virus is forcing us to do things which many already wanted to do: slow down, buy less, waste less and work less while spending more time with our family and pursuing our creative interests. Perhaps, we just didn't exactly know how to stop. We kept on going like crazy because that is how you do things. This is what has been called “success”. Yet, do you find yourself asking, “Are there better ways for me to live and work?"

Many are saying “Yes, I see better solutions are possible and I need to start reinventing my future.” For some, there is a growing opinion that our education and jobs are too expensive, take too much time, are largely "obsolete" and they fail to reflect the way most of us creative people work. Others are asking, “ Why are we required to pay steep tuitions and go into debt for a limited mediocre education and career with mostly online access while this pandemic persists?"

One positive result of this upheaval is that while people are stuck at home, they are questioning the old ways of doing things. Instead of consumption, people are focusing on our simpler pleasures such as hobbies, studying, reading, art making, farming and cooking. Creative people used to do more than just one thing. Yet, over time, formal education has fragmented our work into a lot of different specialized professions. It is time to change it back? Do we need to explore how our education and careers can better reflect the changing way people need to think and work today?

As this movement grows, we, at ANTIGUA STUDIO GALLERY & LAB propose that our collective members and interns integrate several disciplines to find more innovative solutions. Not just making art or separating our work and play, but combining all our passions to create our more satisfying lives. After all, one often ends up doing many things in life. So, developing only one vocational study and job while ignoring our other interests seems unwise. With our longer lifespans, we often live the equivalent of several lives. We can pursue several aspirations, vocations, learn different disciplines and even different languages.

OUR TEAM is exploring how we can discover a hybrid natural twist on how to build our more flexible and dynamic careers and lifestyles. These choices include learning to create a more portable income inspired by our deepest passions and priorities. We want to explore a futuristic mix of all sorts of disciplines such as the handmade, industrial and fusions between both of these.

What does your ideal mashup of the visual arts, music, food, film, journalism, architecture, agriculture, construction, crafts, technology and the social sciences look like? Will this kind of research and experimentation create a more resilient vision of how we can move forward in these times? What’s your idea?


  • What’s next?

  • With universities in quarantined and jobs at home, how do we create better career training, useful opportunities and improved income?

  • Are there better education and training solutions that address our current situation?

  • Are we possibly being offered a blank page for a "new beginning”?

  • How can we do better?

  • Are we, as multi-skilled creatives, more capable of adjusting to life’s present confrontations and future expectations?

WE EXPLORE & SHARE with you and other creatives… How can we:

  • REDUCE EDUCATION, JOB and LIVING COSTS while connecting with other creatives, making more friends and accessing more resources?

  • CREATE TIME and OPPORTUNITIES to explore more dynamic skill building choices, have more fun and increase our income?

  • FIND EXPERIENCES that enhance life choices and career success?

  • MERGE our creative and technical skills with Nature and proven vernacular and indigenous choices that promotes resilient solutions?

  • MIX several disciplines and venues that inspire us while reducing our carbon footprints and still fulfilling our ambitions?

This virus seems to be activating the creative forces in ourselves to survive. In spite of all the bad news and loses, our world is coming together to make new proposals and showcase what already works. Now there are immersing new words, new codes, new examples and new viewpoints on how to produce our better more resilient world.

Our GLOBAL CREATIVE COLLECTIVE LAB & GALLERY invites you students, professionals and mentors in all disciplines to share ideas and express your more hybrid vision of our future. We believe LABs exploring GLOBAL RESILIENCE will become very important. WE SEEK YOUR IDEAS & SUBMISSIONS in your preferred media - images, words, sounds, tastes… whatever inspires you.

JOIN US and SUBMIT your works and ideas. We will then collaborate with you to develop, visualize, share and build together the future you and humanity requires.


  • SHARE your ideas by submitting your creative works and writings.

  • HAVE YOUR WORKS FEATURED while crediting you and linking to your websites and useful career links.

  • GET CREDIT, PROMOTION and JOBS from your works and ideas in articles, exhibition, classes, workshops, etc.

  • RECEIVE INVITATIONS to join international creatives remotely and onsite for experiential educational events.

Although we are now entering a difficult economic landscape with this pandemic, at the same time, we can have the possibility and the creative vision to build a society we LOVE. At this moment in time, we cannot settle for the old ways. Each of us must collaborate in emerging a living laboratory that explores new ways of approaching and integrating education in design, art, construction, agriculture, etc. Ways that promote living well and more environmentally responsible.

We, at, are offering ways to collaborate in developing new educational and career opportunities, residencies and internships with remote and onsite rolling admissions for Summer, Fall and Winter. See our multi-disciplinary menu of choices customized to your needs on our website.


Now is the time to build a more creative LIFE that You LOVE.

Many members are becoming super creative at this point. Finding unique solutions that stir their passions. Some ideas we share here in images. It’s actually very beautiful to see how creative people work. We are being trained to improvise and evolve like other generations who had to survive difficult times before. We are becoming more independent and very good at achieving our deeper vision, communicating our vision, marketing our skills and receiving portable income which allows us to explore more.

So, although we are now entering a pretty dismal economic landscape, at the same time, we can have the position, resources and the possibility to build a more resilient society that we can LOVE. We're hopeful. Things will be happening and changing and it will be magnificent. That is what we must create from our challenges. Let us, together, explore how education can better reflect the changing ways we think and work. PLEASE JOIN US in this adventure!

We are thrilled to welcome you to join us in building more educational projects customized to your needs and interests. Activities where our intuitive thinking and ability to identify emerging social-cultural patterns and directions will help us develop curriculums, experiences and creative expressions to improve the economy of our future. This artists’ collective is launching this collaborative lab to explore how your education can better reflect the changing way you want to think and work. Let's loosen things up, to explore and question what needs to be included and what needs discarded. Let’s step up and adapt to more improvised creativity and sustainable change.

IF THIS MESSAGE SPEAKS TO YOU - GO TO OUR WEBSITE: and contact us at to discuss how we can support your career development, share ideas, exhibit creative works and attend upcoming events, virtually and on site at our beautiful UNESCO Historic Heritage Village site located in Antigua, Guatemala. Home to a Collective of Artists, Artisans, Farmers, Businesses, etc. committed to building our more resilient world through Creative Eco Village Communities and Global International Collaborations.


Now is the time to join this creative collaborative submit your creative works & ideas • Join other members

  • Submissions will be reviewed, curated and when accepted, included in ongoing publications, exhibitions and events, both online and onsite.

  • Selected submissions will receive invitations to memberships, marketing promotions, events, internships, workshops, residency programs & exhibitions, both online and onsite.

  • Approved members, interns and residency visitors will receive mentoring support, marketing skills training, skill development & invitations to participate in ongoing projects in art, architecture, design, construction, eco business development, farming and independent study programs customized to each multi-disciplinary participant’s interests. GO TO OUR WEBSITE:

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